The mission of the Rundlett Middle School Athletic Program is to create an environment that maximizes student participation and promotes physical and social development. It is expected that all student athletes demonstrate the core values of PRIDE: Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Excellence.


  1. Student athletes are expected to conform to the school’s standards for behavior as outlined in theRundlett Middle School Parent-Student PRIDE Handbookand to demonstrate the core values of PRIDE in all athletic situations (on the field, on the bus, in the locker, at other schools and at Rundlett).
  2. Without exception, all student athletes must complete the required permissions before participating. No athlete may compete until these forms are completed and submitted.
  3. Student athletes are expected to attend practice sessions.
  4. Student athletes should be present in school in order to participate in practices or games unless an absence or dismissal is approved by a parent.In such cases, coaches should be notified of the circumstance.
  5. Students who are suspended from school or placed in the in-school suspension program may not participate in practices or competitions for the length of the suspension.
  6. For travel teams, coaches and players are expected to travel together to and from contests unless special arrangements have been made between parents and coaches.
  7. Athletes are financially responsible for all school equipment furnished to them.Grades will not be issued until all equipment is returned.The student’s family will be billed for any items not returned at the end of the season.

We believe that participation in athletics can provide students with the opportunity for personal growth. Teamwork, the mental and physical challenges of training and competition, and the experience of winning and losing graciously and respectfully are important life lessons that will serve students well in their future.

Developing good character habits requires time, practice, and effort. Coaches and parents can help students develop such habits by modeling and reinforcing the desired attitudes and beliefs over time.